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Posted on Jul 28, 2021

Garuda Health ~ Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

History of Chinese Medicine

Most of us know that acupuncture comes from China, and that they have used herbal medicine for a long time. However, it’s not common knowledge as to the history of the medicine, its famous physicians, and clinical history. One of our reoccurring topics we want to have on our blog is bringing the history of China and its medicine to you. We will dive into some of the most famous texts, doctors, and dynasties of China and how they continually improved upon the study of medicine.

In 1972 the Mawangdui Tomb would be excavated and reveal a trove of intact texts written on silk from the early Han Dynasty 168BCE. It’s our first look into the first ideas that were developing in China around philosophy, politics, and medicine. China had been ruled under a central kingdom called the Zhou (pronounced Joe) for many years until rival clans forced them to move their capital east along the yellow river. Creating a power vacuum an era of war and rivaling states emerged. Much like the famous Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato, the earliest Chinese philosophers like Confucius were born during this era of turmoil.

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